The most common breakpoint of a wine glass is where the bowl meets the stem of the glass. We have found the spinning head design of The WINE Brush eliminates the pressure you may otherwise apply during cleaning. To best use this function, move your wrist in a circular motion to clean the bowl of the glass. Then, line the slit in the sponge head up with the rim of the glass and use the same circular motion to clean the circumference of the glass without moving the glass at all, therefore protecting the breakpoint!

To remove very tough lipstick or sticky chapstick, begin by cleaning the glass the same way as you usually would. When you get to the rim section that has the lipstick, flick your wrist back and forth so The WINE Brush will repeatedly move over the lipstick until removed.

You will know it is time to replace the sponge head when it is no longer effective at cleaning the rim of the glass.

It is best (and less messy) to replace the sponge head when dry. To do so, grab the sponge head, including the plastic insert, at the base closest to the handle of The WINE Brush, and pull straight out. Do not bend or you risk breaking the end that holds the sponge head to The WINE Brush. To replace, take your new sponge and push it onto the end until you hear a click. Now you're ready to wash more stemware!