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Save the Stemware!

OUR MISSION: To bring you a line of unique products alleviating the pain of cleaning, drying and maintaining your nice stemware.


Cleans Glass Rim


Spinning Head Design


Soap Dispenser


Replaceable Sponge

Simply Unwined Brush

The Wine Brush

The WINE Brush is a patented wine glass cleaning wand designed to safely clean your stemware in one quick step. This product considers all aspects of a wine glass in its design.

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Our Story

Our vision began in 2016 when we found ourselves struggling to easily clean wine glasses. At that time, we began researching the products available to specifically clean stemware and found them lacking. Thus we began our journey to develop a superior product.

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Simply Unwined Brush


  • PATENTED All-In-One Wine Glass Cleaning Wand
  • SOAP DISPENSER for convenient and quick wine glass cleaning
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED groove in the sponge assists in cleaning the rim of your wine glass
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE to safely and effectively clean the bowl of the wine glass
  • SPINNING SPONGE HEAD is designed to efficiently clean the rim of the stemware while protecting the stem of the wine glass from potential breakage
  • REPLACEABLE SPONGE HEAD made from seaweed cotton and non-toxic dyes
  • BPA Free

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  • Cleaning a Wine Glass
  • Gleaning a Wine Glass has never been easier
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