Z. Alexander Brown Uncaged Red Blend

Z. Alexander Brown - UNCAGED - 2019 Proprietary Red Blend

Football is a religion. Seriously. I moved from California to the South, specifically Georgia, when I was in seventh grade. Two things stood out to me. 1. The lady in the McDonald's drive-thru asked us how we were doing (and seemed to actually care about the answer), and 2. People are crazy about football, especially college football. Although these things were foreign to me, I was willing to embrace them with an open mind, and once I attended The University of Georgia, I was thoroughly indoctrinated. Fast forward a couple, ok, several, years and every Saturday before Labor Day when college football kicks off, I feel like a kid in a candy store. If a kid in a candy store were to sit for 12 hours straight glued to the TV.

This year, UGA had a pretty big game to kick off the season, and I thought what better to drink while watching the Georgia game than a wine from a good old Georgia boy. This wine gets a 91 rating from Wine Enthusiast, and once you taste it, you'll see why. It was a full-bodied yet smooth and easy drinking red blend. Heck, it might even be good luck...Georgia did win the game.

From the winemaker, John Killebrew: Dark garnet in the glass, commanding aromas of blueberry, caramel and toasted oak preview a bold, mouth-filling palate stacked with concentrated layers of ripe dark fruit, black cherry and milk chocolate. Robust and full-bodied with excellent weight in the mid-palate, this complex wine leaves a lasting impression with a smooth, round and full finish.

Move over beer; wine is a great compliment when watching a good football game. And if you drink it out of your good stemware, it is even better...and then you can clean it with this. Cheers!

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