Phantom Chardonnay with The Wine Brush

Phantom Chardonnay

Halloween is seriously one of the best holidays if you want to serve wines based on the label. There are many "spooky" labels to choose from, and Phantom Chardonnay delivered on both the ambiance and flavor. We were sitting on the front porch and listening to live music when we decided to break out this spooky wine. We drank it out of our best white wine glasses and were indeed able to "unwined" because cleaning is too easy with The Wine Brush! (pun intended)

From the Winemaker: Swirling around the glass like a breeze, aromatics of honeycomb and spicy pear evoke the mystery of vines harvested in the waning light of dusk. Tropical mango balances ripe pears and apples, creating a soft and succulent texture that lingers like the Delta fog. Wisps of sweetness linger from aging in French oak, leaving behind the faintest touches of custard and caramel.

What makes this wine even more excellent? Check out the website, and they are giving away $5,000 for the best ghost story. See, perfect Halloween wine.

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