Oberon Chardonnay

Oberon 2019 Chardonnay

Garlic Butter Shrimp with some Oberon Chardonnay anyone? My mother and 4-year-old son made this shrimp on Saturday and it paired perfectly with the Oberon Chardonnay which was not too buttery or oaky but not too light either. Perfect pairing! It would have been even better if, after every bite of shrimp, my overly enthusiastic child didn't ask me if I tasted the lemon. He was in charge of squeezing the lemon juice and he couldn't stop discussing his accomplishment. 

Imagine this: 

You take a bite of shrimp ..."Do you taste the lemon???"..."Yes, it's delicious" 

You take a bite of shrimp ..."Do you like the lemon?"..."Yes, it's delicious", 

You take a bite of shrimp ... "How's the lemon on that one, Mommy?"... "It's delicious". (I quickly switched to a liquid dinner.)

Tasting Notes from the Winemaker: Our Los Carneros Chardonnay is expressive and approachable, showcasing balanced fruit, lingering acidity and rich flavors and aromas of caramelized white pear, fresh fuji and golden delicious apple, apple blossoms and torched crème brulee. 

Excessive chatter or not, all wine is best in a stemmed wine glass...which can easily be cleaned with The WINE Brush. Cheers!

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