Larkspur Pinot Gris

Larkspur - Pinot Gris

This past Memorial Day I had the honor of splitting a bottle of the Larkspur Pinot Gris with a friend of mine who also happens to be a Gold Star wife. Spending Memorial Day in the company of someone whose husband made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom is humbling, to say the least. We sat on the patio sipping this very refreshing wine talking about her late husband. Much like Toby and I, they got married right before his first deployment to Iraq in 2007. Unlike Toby, however, my friend's husband never made it home. This happened almost 15 years ago and the scars still remain with those he left behind. It is a reminder that every time we have the liberty to do something we love, we acknowledge and honor the heroes that died for these freedoms and their loved ones who live with the scars of those sacrifices.

As for the wine, the winemaker typically specializes in Pinot Noir and I believe it is the first year this Pinot Gris Vintage has been released. There are no winemaker tasting notes but based on my experience and a consensus of others there are notes of apple, citrus and tropical fruits. It is medium bodied and very light in color. It was perfect for sipping on during a sunny afternoon.

This wine, as with all wine, tastes much better in a WINE glass...and you can't complain about cleaning them now thanks to The WINE Brush.


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Well spoken … love our military and first responders for taking care of us and this wonderful country…

Patti Eswein

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