Juggernaut Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon and The Wine Brush

Juggernaut Hillside Cab - Vintage 2018

Have you ever tried a wine and loved it so much that you saved the cork so you can remember it and then promptly lost said cork? I would be willing to bet that we have all been there and experienced that moment when you are cleaning your wine glasses (hopefully with The Wine Brush), all the while silently scolding yourself for being so careless.

This could have assuredly happened for me with this wine. We opened it while cooking some steaks for dinner and were utterly distracted since this was so smooth, rich, and downright tasty! Lucky for me, this bottle has such a great label that it looks perfect on our table with our Halloween decorations. So even though I didn't remember it at the time, I could redeem myself because I had plopped it right back with our other "Halloween" wines.

From the Winemaker: Hillside vineyards are special. So is the wine that is crafted from them. French oak beautifully transforms intense mountain fruit into a wine with uncommon richness and a smooth and luxurious texture. Dense and velvety, with vanilla, ripe black currants and a touch of anise.

Just a helpful hint from a fellow (sometimes forgetful) wine lover. Snap a quick pic of the wine, so you don't get upset with yourself for losing the cork, and always drink your wine out of a proper glass to give yourself an even better chance of loving the wine...and then clean it with this. Cheers!

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