Perle de Rose

Domaine de Châteaumar - Perle de Rosé - 2020

"Rosé the day away" is the perfect quote for a day at the beach, and it is a necessary way of life when you go to the beach with nine children under the age of seven. It is even more vital when one of the said children is an avid animal lover. During our brief stay at the beach, we were blessed with a pet crab, a pet turtle (living in the kids' room for some time), and pet baby clams. Do you know what happens to pet baby clams when you douse them in fresh water and leave them in the sun to bake? PSA, do not let your kids collect baby clams, so you never find out.

We opened this wine one afternoon and shared it while laughing hysterically about the "clam bake." It was light and fresh and not as forward tasting with acid as other rosés. Fun fact - the grapes for this wine are grown on a family vineyard that has never used herbicides or pesticides.

 From the winemaker: This wine's intense pink rose petal color is slightly darker and more robust than the rosés of nearby Provence, which is indicative of the wine itself. A nose of macerated strawberries, raspberries, and peaches, with a faint earthy and peppery base, comes together with a fresh clay minerality on the soft, round, and slightly weighty palate. Well-integrated ripe cherry skin acidity is key in retaining this sturdy rosé's balance and freshness, making it a fine companion for richer foods like grilled lamb loin chops, burgers, spicy sausages, fresh tomato sauced pastas, and mezze platters.

To summarize, Perle de Rosé - Delicious, Baby Clam Bake - Atrocious, Wine glass - Necessary, The WINE Brush - Easiest way to clean wine glasses. Period. 

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