Castell-Roig Brut Cava - Sparkling Wine

Castellroig Brut Cava

Recently, I attended a virtual wine tasting and discovered my new favorite sparkling wine!  Now I certainly have friends who are known to sip on Champagne all day but it has never been for me. Well, let's retract, the AFFORDABLE Champagne has never been for if you were to open a bottle of Veuve that would be a different story. Anyway, I digress. This sparkling wine from Spain is a must for your next brunch (or just for your first cocktail of the day when your on your summer "vacation" with your children this year). It is also a great wine to pair with most foods!

Winemaker Notes: With fine and constant bubbles, the aroma of jasmine, white flower, green apple, and citric fruits, it is fresh on the palate with a moreish, very dry, and long-lasting taste. Freshness and a minimum aging period of 18 months characterize this quality sparkling wine.

This wine is best served in a flute and while The WINE Brush doesn't fit in most standard flutes there is a rumor that we may have that problem solved later on this year (shhh.... it's a secret, for now!)

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