Sancerre Wine by the Pool

90+ Cellars Reserve Lot 126 Sancerre

What a wine for an afternoon at the pool! A friend of mine and I split this while on vacation, relaxing by a beautiful outdoor pool. Seeing that she is a Sauvignon Blanc lover and I prefer Chardonnay (if I am drinking white wine), this was a great compromise. It had a smoother finish than a typical Sauvignon Blanc, and even though the tasting notes say it would go great with goat cheese topped salad (YUM), we embarrassingly paired it with Pringles. Speaking of Pringles, they aren't lying when they say, "Once you pop, you can't stop." Come to think of it, I would treat this wine the same way. Don't plan on having extra for subsequent days.

From the winemaker: A delicate perfume of white flowers with hints of citrus and flint give way to a silken texture and grapefruit-laced finish. Balanced and crisp, this is a wine destined for the finest tables, but happiest among a humble goat cheese topped salad.

I know it's taboo to have glass by the pool, but this was during our kid's nap time and mom chill time, not some crazy frat party, so we drank this carefully out of a wine glass by the pool. After which, these wine glasses were cleaned with The WINE Brush because it is a must-have for a vacation packing list.

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