Saperavi Wine and Pork

2018 Saperavi Red Wine - Gitana Winery

Toby and I had a date night recently and decided to pair this delicious red wine with some Sous Vide Pork Chops. Perfect pairing! The only problem? Someone (Toby) had clearly "cleaned" the wine glasses when The Wine Brush had run out of soap. SO, I had to interrupt serving this delicious dinner to clean the wine glasses with The Wine Brush (after refilling the handle with soap).

Anyway, this wine was great! It hails from a family-owned winery just south of Moldova. It is also unique because it is fermented in clay barrels which softens the tannins and makes this an easy-drinking red.

From the Winemaker: The notes and flavors are dominated by black cherries, dark wild berries, citric notes, and also some surprising hints of black pepper and juniper. The grapes are hand-picked for a more precise selection and protection from unwanted oxidation due to minimal skin damage.

Please note that it doesn't matter how fantastic an invention The Wine Brush is if you don't put soap in won't work very well! Cheers!

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