A guide to sweet white wine and food pairings

Sweet White Wine and Food Pairings

I am not a huge sweet wine fan. I'm about as excited to drink sweet wine as I would be to drink my wine out of a plastic cup, and we all know that doesn't happen since there's this thing called The Wine Brush to clean my wine glasses. That being said, some foods just beg for the sweetness of wines like Moscato, Riesling, and Gewürtztraminer.

When it comes to these wines, you really just need to think in one of two directions. Either opposites attract or keep your food's flavor profiles sweet...just not as sweet as your wine.

As for the opposites, think sweet and spicy, which is why this type of wine pairs wonderfully with Asian, Indian, Moroccan, and Thai Cuisine. My mother-in-law, who is Chinese, loves her sweet wines. I always thought it was because of her sweet tooth, but, it turns out, it may be because the contrast between the sweetness of the wine and the heat in the incredible Chinese food she prepares is delightful. This is also the reason this wine pairs nicely with many Indian Curries and other spicy cuisines.

You will also find these sweet wines pair well with desserts and exceptionally well with fruity and light desserts. The key to this pairing and ensuring it complements both your wine and dessert is to keep your wine sweeter than your dessert. CHEERS!


Food that Pairs well with Riesling

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