A guide to light red wine and food pairings

Light Red Wine and Food Pairings

Pinot Noir and other light reds such as Beaujolais are very versatile wines when paired with foods ranging from meat, pasta, vegetables, and even seafood. Yes! You can even pair light-bodied red wines with heavier grilled fish or darker fish such as Salmon and Tuna. Light reds are known to go well with pork, but they also shine with poultry, especially poultry commonly referred to as "game birds" such as Duck, Quail, Goose, and Turkey. In fact, there is a type of Beaujolais called Beaujolais Nouveau that is often referred to as the perfect Thanksgiving Wine, partially because it is released on the third Thursday of November every year and partly because it tends to pair nicely with many items commonly found on your Thanksgiving table.

Another classic pairing with Pinot Noir is mushrooms and truffles. If you are at a restaurant and find yourself eyeing the truffle risotto, then scope out a Pinot as well to maximize your experience. Other delicious pairings are tomato-based Italian dishes, pumpkin dishes, and charcuterie-style meats. Just avoid overly salty, spicy, or smokey foods with an abundance of BBQ sauce as the flavors of those foods can compete with the flavor profile of these types of wine.

Pinot Noir tastes best served slightly chilled in a Burgundy Wine glass that can be quickly cleaned with The Wine Brush. Cheers!


Food that pairs well with Pinot Noir

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