How long does wine stay good once the bottle is open

How Long Does Wine Stay Fresh After Opening??

If you are an avid wine drinker, there is a chance that this question is irrelevant to you. Maybe every bottle of wine you open you fully intend on finishing within three days (or three hours...we're not here to judge). But, if you enjoy only the occasional small glass of wine, you need to take note because if you pour yourself a nice glass of Cabernet after it's been open a week, then be prepared to drink vinegar.

This chart offers a range in which typical wines stay fresh. Keep in mind the longer it's open, the more it will oxidize. All of the wines need to be kept cool. The refrigerator is a great place to store your open wines to keep them fresh, even reds! My grandpa swore by it (although I can't imagine a bottle of red wine lasting longer than two days in that house). The trickiest wine of all is Sparkling Wine. Not only does an open bottle oxidize, but it will also start to lose its bubbles, and what good is bubbly without the bubbles? There are specific wine stoppers for sparkling wine that will help keep the bubbles fresh, but my recommendation would be to save the bubbly until your celebrating with some friends and make sure no wine goes to waste!

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