A guide to dessert wine and food pairings

Dessert Wine and Food Pairings

Let's talk about Dessert Wines. Ports, Sherries, Ice Wine, and Madeira are mostly served at the end of your meal with a rich, decadent dessert. And for a good reason. These rich, sweet wines are a perfect match for your succulent desserts that sometimes involve hard-to-match foods such as chocolate and caramel.

Desserts, however, are not the only thing you can serve with these wines. Other foods that pair well with Ports are proteins commonly served with sweet sauces featuring red fruits such as Venison, Veal, and Duck. And surprisingly, although opposites when it comes to flavor profiles, salty cheese, olives, and pickles complement rich, sweet ports nicely. So next time you're indulging in a cheese plate, switch up your wine and check out what it does to your palate.

When serving port to your guests, unless you own specific Port Wine Glasses, the wine is enjoyed ideally in a traditional white wine glass which can easily be cleaned with The Wine Brush.


Foods that pair well with Sherry and Port Wine

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