A guide to Pairing Wine and Cheese

A Guide to Wine & Cheese

Wine and cheese are one of life's great pairings. It's so great there is an actual holiday to celebrate its union. Ok, maybe not a Federal, you don't have to work type of a holiday but the kind of holiday that say's, "It's ok to have just wine and cheese for dinner." That sounds like a perfect evening!

Now before you whip out your fresh mozzarella and start munching on it with a big, bold glass of Cabernet, let's discuss a few guidelines on getting the most out of your wine & cheese dinner.

First of all, as the saying goes for most food and wine pairings, "if it grows together, it goes together." In other words, cheese and wine with the same origins are likely to pair well. Next, you do not want one flavor profile to dominate another. A bold, tannic wine will overpower mild cheeses, so keep your soft, fresh cheeses paired with lighter wines. If you like strong, full-bodied reds, you will want to stick with sharp, aged, hard cheeses. Creamy cheeses like brie are a delicious compliment to sparkling wines, and opposites attract when you pair a port with moldy blue cheese.

It is also crucial to note that you must drink your wine out of a proper wine glass for your wine and cheese pairing to shine. Hate cleaning those pesky glasses? Grab The WINE Brush for quick clean-up. 

Happy Wine & Cheese Day! Cheers!

Wine and Cheese Pairing Chart

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