A guide to pairing chocolate with wine

A Guide to Pairing Wine with Chocolate

Wine and chocolate are often considered a great pairing, and although true, it can be tricky to pull off. If you try to eat chocolate with too dry or bold wine, you may find yourself grimacing at how your wine tastes after a bite of the sweet chocolate.

Here are a couple of tips to ensure that won't happen— first, pair wine with chocolate that is similar in style and weight. If you keep the intensity the same, you run a lesser risk of making your wine taste off-putting. Also, always make sure your wine is slightly sweeter than your chocolate. This doesn't suggest you drink only dessert wines with your hunk of chocolate, but it does mean to look to wines with more fruit-forward taste profiles.

Try these proven winners next time you crave something sweet (and chocolate-y) with your wine. Cheers!

The Best Wine and Chocolate Pairings

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