A Guide to Pairing Wine and JUNK FOOD!

A Guide to Pairing Wine and JUNK FOOD!

So you love junk food? And wine? Then read further because we will give you an excuse to enjoy both but still seem classy like you are intentionally pairing these two because the "flavor profiles" sing!

Let's begin with the quintessential junk food. DORITOS! Who doesn't love Doritos? Whether your poison is Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese, there is a wine for that. Cool Ranch Doritos pair nicely with a cold, crisp Rosé, and Nacho Cheese Doritos will compliment your Pinot Noir. Are Doritos not your thing, but Pinot Noir is? Don't fret because the ultimate junk food pairing for a Pinot Noir is BBQ potato chips which isn't surprising since Pinot Noir is a no-fail pairing at your neighborhood BBQ.

Are you a fan of Cabernet? Even though you would think a bold Cab wouldn't pair well with any junk food, new world Cabs hold up well to the sharp cheddar flavor in Cheetos. If you're a Keto enthusiast, grab some beef jerky, pour yourself a glass of Syrah, and enjoy. Or maybe your junk food dream is a hot chocolatey brownie. In that case, drink a medium-bodied Merlot to take your splurge to the next level.

Prefer white wines? Sparkling wines go great with some piping hot French Fries, so next time you're at McDonald's, bypass the Coke and pop a bottle of bubbly instead. And the ultimate wine and snack pairing and perfect movie night indulgence is buttered popcorn with a nice Chardonnay. Cheers!


Wine and Junk Food Pairings

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