A Guide to Pairing Pizza with Wine

A Guide To Pairing Pizza with Wine

If there were ever a type of food that deserved its own day of the year, it would have to be pizza. I mean, pizza is so loved that the basic, boring, all-encompassing National Pizza Day on February 9 is only one of the many national "holidays" celebrating this culinary staple. There are several other days celebrating various types of this beloved food throughout the year, including Deep-Dish Pizza Day, Pepperoni Pizza Day, Cheese Pizza Day, Margherita Pizza Day, and even National Pizza with the Works without Anchovies Day...talk about specifics. The only type of food or drink that has more national holidays is, you guessed it, WINE! So, both of these adored staples must make a great pairing, right? You could say that again!

Light to medium red wine and pizza are naturally a good match since making pizza with a red tomato sauce is common. That being said, it's even better to pick your wine based on the toppings of your pizza. Think lighter wines deserve lighter toppings, and heartier toppings can stand up better to bolder wines. Check out some of our favorite pairings!

A Vegetable Pizza is always a safe bet with a Sauvignon Blanc. The acidity of the veggies will stand up well to the acidity of the Sav Blanc. Speaking of acidic wines, a dry Rosé is a lovely pairing for a Margherita Pizza. If you are someone who loves a decadent, garlicky, White Pizza, then a rich Chardonnay should be on your radar. Are you like me, who just can't say no to anything truffle? If so, and you find yourself ordering the always delicious Mushroom Truffle Pizza, then be sure to pair that with an earthy Pinot Noir. Look to an essential red blend for a basic Cheese Pizza with red sauce, and look to a spicy Syrah to pair with your Pepperoni Pizza. Last but not least, do you like to load as much meat onto your pizza as possible? If so, you can even get away with pairing that Meat Lover's Pizza with a tannic Cabernet Sauvignon.

You may notice that it seems all of the toppings pair well with these wines even when they are not on a pizza, and that is not a coincidence! They likely have similar flavor profiles when they are on a pizza or not. Therefore, when in doubt, choose your wine pairing based on the toppings of your pizza, and you will seem like the wine pairing expert. The last thing you can do to take your wine pairing game to the next level is always serve your wine in your best wine glass. The wine will taste better, and the presentation will be on point. Then, clean your glass with The WINE Brush and polish it spotless with The WINE Towel.


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I appreciate you mentioning that light to medium red wine is a perfect pair for pizza because of the tomato sauce that is used to make it. We usually eat pizza, but I never tried pairing it with wine. It’s usually soda or juice. I’ll give it a try when I order pizza with friends this weekend. https://www.pizzajoeexpress.com/pizza-delivery

Elaina D'Agostino

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