A guide to Pairing BBQ Food with Wine

A Guide to BBQ & Wine

It's National BBQ month so let’s break down some simple tips for grilling and wine!

If you are having a spread with a wide array of food, then look no further than Sparkling Wine and Rosé. Served chilled, these two wines are the most versatile wines for grilling out. Look for sparkling wines like Cava and Prosecco to pair with seafood, vegetables, and even grilled chicken (without heavy BBQ sauce). Rosé can handle all those pairings but can also work with beef and pork. For the heavier dishes, look to your bolder South American or Spanish Rosé.

As always with white wines, they pair great with seafood and chicken. The lighter the fare (flaky white fish, shrimp, oysters), the lighter your wine should be. Chardonnay is great with grilled chicken and richer seafood like lobster, scallops, and tuna. Turn to your Pinot Grigio if you are grilling out fruit for a sweet grilled meal. And if you are someone who prefers a sweet wine like Riesling, you can pair that with grilled chicken and fish as well (if it has spice then that’s even better!)

Pinot Noir is probably the most versatile red wine because it won’t overpower lighter foods but can still stand up to heavier grub. It's best, though, with smoked meats, pork, and salmon…and bring on the Pinot Noir if you are grilling out sausage! When looking at other reds, it’s good to focus on the sauce. If you have beef tenderloin, steak, or other beef cuts with no sauce, then turn to a Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon. If you have a beef or pork cut with a tomato-based BBQ sauce, then look no further than Syrah or Zinfandel. Are you having BBQ ribs? Do yourself a favor and open that bottle of Zinfandel!

The most important thing to note when pairing food and wine is to drink wine you like. You can have the perfect pairing but if the wine isn’t to your liking, then what’s the point in drinking it? ALSO, you can have the most perfect wine and if you serve it in a plastic cup then it will fall short. Hate cleaning your pesky stemware? Get The WINE Brush for easy clean-up to make sure you are always giving your wine the best chance to shine!

Wine pairing for food on the grill

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