When throwing any party, whether a holiday celebration or a casual wine and cheese night, it typically includes a great deal of clean-up. But while clearing plates and wiping up crumbs is reasonably straightforward, cleaning your glassware is extraordinarily time-consuming. Simply Unwined can help you save money and preserve your stemware by making wine glass cleaning fast and easy.

Spilled Red Wine

No More Hassle

While it's common to do a small amount of party clean-up after your guests leave, let's face it: most of it occurs the day after. Keeping your glassware sitting on the counter gives wine and other stains time to sit and dry, making it difficult to clean. However, the WINE Brush makes wine glass cleaning easy by scrubbing off these stains with minimal effort. You can sip your favorite drink in your favorite glass, knowing they'll be crystal clear the next day.

Broken Wine Glass

No More Broken Glass

Our revolutionary WINE Brush is ideal for managing every area of your glassware — from the stem to the rim. When you're scrubbing hard to get stains off your wine glass, it can slip and break, costing you money to replace the glasses and time fishing broken glass out of your drain. Our brush's spinning head design protects the most common breakpoint — the stem of the wine glass — while also gently and effectively polishing the bowl and rim.

Wine Glasses with Lipstick Stains

No More Lipstick Stains

Parties are ideal for getting dressed to the nines, which means blank pants, jewelry, heels, and — yes — lipstick. The WINE Brush gives you the confidence to look your best without worrying about how your lipstick stains will come off while cleaning your wine glass. Even if the smears are left overnight, while you take care of clearing trash and putting food leftovers away, we ensure you won't struggle to make your glassware look brand new.

Red Plastic Solo Cups

No More Plastic Cups

Show off your best stemware and glassware! Don't resort to using unattractive plastic cups over wine glass cleaning concerns. Not only are plastic cups only usable once, but they can quickly bring down the mood of any classy party. Bring back your best, long-lasting glasses, knowing The WINE Brush will remove unwanted stains and marks afterward.

Simply Unwined saves you time, money, and stress while planning parties and cleaning up. Our unique WINE Brush allows you to focus on your guests and have a good time!