4 Reasons To Purchase The Wine Brush

The Wine Brush can clean your wine glasses quicker than ever!

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The Wine Brush is an excellent choice for wine lovers everywhere. Wine glasses can be tricky to clean, especially since our favorite deep reds can leave stains that can’t seem to come out. The Wine Brush’s sponge head cleans the rim of your glasses quickly and safely, ultimately giving you a high return of investment by protecting your glasses for the long term. There are so many reasons why you should buy The Wine Brush from Simply Unwined, but these four can get you started.

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Only Product of its Kind

The Wine Brush is a one-of-a-kind product. We deliver high-quality cleaning solutions for wine lovers everywhere. The ingenuity of The Wine Brush makes it easy for you to enjoy your wine without worrying about the cleanup after. Other sponges do not cater directly to wine glasses, making this product the only one that can fully satisfy your needs.

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Long Lasting — All You Need Is A Replaceable Head

The Wine Brush is made to outlive even the toughest stains from deep, rich red wines. Our durable sponges should last many months, but we sell individual replacement heads so that you can effectively change them out as needed. The Wine Brush’s replacement heads will last just as long as your original.

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Cleans Almost Anything!

While we call it The Wine Brush, our sponges can clean almost anything. You can use it for any flatware you choose, making it customizable for your specific needs. People love using The Wine Brush on plates, bowls, other cups or glasses, and more! The Wine Brush is great at removing tough stains in hard-to-reach places.

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All-In-One! Soap Dispenser Included

We are proud to offer our All In One! Soap Dispenser with each purchase of The Wine Brush. This soap dispenser eases your control over your cleaning process. You can conveniently place The Wine Brush next to your soap dispenser, minimizing your time cleaning dishes so that you can go back to your favorite activities.

The Wine Brush adds convenience to your life by cleaning the most fragile glassware in your kitchen. Wine glasses can be challenging to clean since wine stains relatively easily. However, the ingenuity of The Wine Brush makes it possible to clean wine glasses effortlessly. If you’d like to add convenience to your kitchen, check out Simply Unwined today!

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