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The Perfect Gifts For Wine Lovers

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If you have a loved one who enjoys wine, finding the perfect gift for them this holiday should be a piece of cake. Instead of just grabbing a pretty-looking bottle you spotted at the supermarket while grocery shopping, gifts for wine lovers should be unique, thoughtful, and usable.

If you want to find the best gifts for wine drinkers, Simply Unwined has you covered. With two unique holiday wine gift boxes to choose from, you can surprise your resident oenophile this year with an appropriately vino-themed gift that they'd never expect.


Holiday Shopping Made Easy - Browse Wine Gift Boxes

Simply Unwined has made finding the best wine-related gifts more effortless than ever before. With two wine gift boxes to choose from, you can find something special for every wine connoisseur on your holiday shopping list. Each gift box includes hand-curated products with products meant to elevate anyone's wine-drinking experience. Both packages also include Simply Unwined's The WINE Brush, a top-selling wine glass cleaning brush that alone would make a great gift. Discover our wine gift sets below.


The “Foodie” Gift Basket

Can you think of someone that obsesses over wine and cheese pairings? What about someone who enjoys a glass of wine that is dependent on the food they are eating? Wine and food go great together, and Simply Unwined’s "Foodie" Wine Gift Box has the essentials for the lover of all things wine and food.

  • The Wine Brush from Simply Unwined

  • 10 x 14 Slate Cheese Board

  • 4 Gourmet Cheese Knives

  • WINE FOOD Book

  • Food & Wine Pairing Tea Towel

  • TRUE Spiral Winged Corkscrew

  • Wine Chips


The “Just Wine” Gift Basket

It makes sense to get a bottle of wine as a gift for a wine lover, but rather than gifting someone a bottle of wine, why not get them something that will complement any bottle they are enjoying? That's precisely why Simply Unwined curated the "Just Wine" Gift Box. It includes various wine-related products that anyone, from the casual drinker to the connoisseur, will appreciate.

  • The Wine Brush from Simply Unwined
  • 2 Replacement Brush Heads from Simply Unwined
  • Wine For Normal People Book
  • Wine Glass and Wine Varietal Kitchen Towel
  • VinOwriter Wine Glass Identifier
  • TRUE Spiral Winged Corkscrew

Packed & Ready to Gift

Wrapping gifts can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, depending on your skillset. Luckily, Simply Unwined handles it for you! We pack each wine gift set in a box filled with crinkle paper, secured with holiday-themed ribbon and a festive gift tag that can double as a wine bottle label. You can even use the other side of the gift tag to write the recipient's name. Whether shipping the gift or giving it to someone personally, know that it will arrive ready to go!

The wine gift boxes offered by Simply Unwined this holiday season are the perfect option for the wine lovers in your life. Visit Simply Unwined to learn more information and to place your orders this holiday season. Supplies are limited, so act fast!

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